Community Service

Community Service

About This Campaign

Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County believes that residents of a community should have the chance to serve in their community. If you are looking for hours to complete community service requirements please register and sign up for as many shifts/hours as needed. 

If you have or are going to sign up to volunteer at the ReStore, please watch the ReStore Safety Video.

Once you have registered under the Community Service tab and you are able to serve with us you are able to signup for any ReStore shift. Please make sure that you speak with a staff member o the day of you shift so they can help you get checked in. This is an important step for verification of your hours. 

We are unable to provide you with an opportunity to complete your community service if you:
  • are currently going through the process or have been convicted of a sex offense, 
  • a registered sex or violent offender
  • if you have been convicted of or going through the process of theft or conversion
  • ***Please make note that Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County has the right to refuse community service for other charges, convictions, and court proceedings.  

Feel free to call or email if you have further questions or concerns.
317-896-9423 ext 2
Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County

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Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County’s mission is to partner with low-income, hardworking families in Hamilton County under the conviction that every person and family deserves a simple, decent, and affordable place to live. Habitat homeowners pay interest-free, no-profit mortgages, which are used to build more Habitat houses. Because houses are principally built with volunteer labor, mortgage payments are affordable for low-income partners.